Public Records


I just noticed that at the next Council Meeting on Aug 8, 2016 the new and improved Stormwater Resolution will be officially presented and voted on by the Council. I checked with the Town Clerk to obtain a copy with supporting documents for review prior to the next Monday’s meeting and was informed that it is not available electronically. I find that difficult to accept in this day and age, at a minimum it could have been posted on the town’s website. A cynic might proffer that this may be a response to the fact that the last administration provided free and easy access to the resolution resulting in a large turnout at the Council meeting. Greatly restricting access to the information this time should produce a highly desired much smaller turnout at this meeting. Glad I’m not a cynic.

I hope that a copy of the transcripts will be available electronically; since that will be required for any appeals according to the posted notice.


Pete Yeatman
Fort Myers Beach