Public Apology Expected


I believe that our FMB Town Staff does an excellent job keeping our town clean, safe and enjoyable for residents and visitors. I am a voting and full-time resident who seldom becomes ruffled and just feels blessed to live on an island in paradise. However, after reading the article in which our town staff was referred to as “little flying monkeys” by our Vice Mayor, I am obligated to speak out because my feathers not only were ruffled but they were plucked!

I believe the phrase, “little flying monkeys,” was a reference to The Wizard of Oz, referring to the scene where the Wicked Witch of the West releases her army of flying monkeys to capture Dorothy and her friends. It is the scariest part of the movie. The phrase is also demeaning, derogatory, and fosters a hostile work environment.

According to Urban Dictionary, “In popular psychology, a flying monkey is someone who does the narcissist’s bidding to inflict additional torment to the narcissist’s victim. It might consist of spying on the victim, spreading gossip, threatening, painting the narcissist as the victim and their target as the perpetrator. Despite this, the narcissist does not hesitate to make flying monkeys their scapegoats when and if needed.”

Both references above make perfect sense since the Vice Mayor expects the town staff to find her culprits and deal with them. The Vice Mayor should follow normal procedure like any other resident would when there is a concern for noise or anything—call 911. Or perhaps the Vice Mayor could call on her “little flying monkeys” to relocate her to Santini Marina Plaza where the residential neighborhood and “the behavior is so much nicer than behavior downtown.”

The entire FMB Town Staff and downtown business community deserve a public apology from our Vice Mayor.


Jan Fleming
Fort Myers Beach