Protect Times Square


Having traveled all over Florida and the U.S. in the last 25 years, I have always returned to Fort Myers Beach. I have a home here because it is the BEST place to live!

What differentiates Fort Myers Beach from all the other awesome oceanfront towns in Florida? Times Square. I like to call it a “Family-Friendly Key West.”

When, not if, a major hurricane visits our beautiful island, there is a possibility that Times Square could be destroyed. FEMA will not allow Times Square to be rebuilt as is.

From my understanding the proposed Coastal Protection System will prevent the destruction of the Times Square buildings by reducing the impact of a catastrophic storm surge. It may not prevent flooding (nothing will) but it would allow the current structures to be refurbished at ground level in compliance with FEMA.

The properties Grand Resorts FMB has acquired will be developed whether we like it or not. Perhaps we can all envision several hotels and condos constructed on pilings. These potential new buildings on private property would provide little if any benefit to island residents as a whole.

Instead of more hotels and condos up in the air with parking below, the Grand Resorts design would more than triple the size of the awesome, pedestrian-friendly, Times Square! Also, the beachfront boardwalk would be a wonderful benefit to all visitors and residents.

The current traffic situation is brutal. Visitors contribute to this congestion by driving around searching for a place to park. The easy direct access to the parking ramp will divert vehicles from the boulevard. The size of the proposed ramp should be enlarged, not reduced!

I am for preserving our island and protecting Times Square… that is why I am 100% in favor of the CPS/Boardwalk and Grand Resorts – Fort Myers Beach.

Dale Bonnema

Fort Myers Beach