Protect Our Turtles


It is peak turtle season right now. Turtles continue to lay nests while other nests are hatching. Hatchlings emerge from nests and immediately head toward light, normally that’s the moon reflected on Gulf waters. If they see other light, they become disoriented and head the wrong direction to certain death from cars or dehydration.

Do your part and make sure that all lights that are visible from the beach are off or using PAR 20 Amber LED bulbs. (Available online or at Frontier Lighting in Fort Myers, the special LED bulbs last 50,000 hours and cut energy costs.)

protect our turles, turtle nesting season
This small hole left on the beach became a death trap for this turtle hatchling.

Fill in any holes you dig on the beach. Turtles can get stuck and die in them. Stack or remove beach furniture. Remove beach litter. Keep pets on a leash. Don’t use flashlights or your cell phone light on the beach at night. If you come across a nesting turtle or hatchlings, keep your distance. Report injured or disoriented turtles to Turtle Time 239-481-5566. For more information see Photos courtesy of Eve Haverfield.