Protect Island’s Environment


Please join me in opposing the building of dune/lagoon walkover in the south end of the island by the Texas Hold ‘Em and Squeeze Me Inn LLC’s.. Their desire to change their properties from “water view” to “waterfront” by building a structure through a fragile wildlife habitat will do irreparable harm to the lagoon and Critical Wildlife Area.

The value of their rental properties cannot drive the decision of the Town Council. The degradation of one of the last intact wildlife areas on the island will be a loss for all island residents and visitors. The potential financial gain for a couple of property owners must not outweigh the council’s duty to protect the island’s environment for all of us.

Please help preserve this beautiful and unique part of our island for the enjoyment and education of our children, grandchildren, and for generations to come. Share your support for protecting our local environment with the Town Council and with your friends and neighbors.

Gloria Abramoff
Fort Myers Beach