Pros & Cons


It seems corporate entrepreneurs want to turn our little island into a vacation mecca. Before we get our panties in a wad, let’s look at the positives and negatives to see if there is a negotiable solution between the two sides.

Let’s start with the positive. If you are a business owner, the advantages could be limitless. The tax revenue would be a windfall for a budget-strapped town that hasn’t had a surplus of cash since who knows when. The area’s property would gain value because of its growing popularity as a desired retirement haven. Supply and demand would no doubt boost market prices. Ft Myers Beach would move from the minor ranks to the big leagues in becoming a highly sought after vacation destination.

Now let’s look at the negative. Probably one of the most concerning stance against increasing development is the traffic. We know where to put the people, but how will they get onto the island? And once they get here, are they going to be able to drive anywhere? Is anyone going to be able drive anywhere? Will there be enough law enforcement to handle the possible doubling of the island’s annual visitors? Another concern is the added trash and infrastructure abuse. Garbage doesn’t always end up in its appropriate spot. Tourist are sometimes very forgetful about our island’s delicate eco system.

Another concern, which mostly is on the minds of the island’s residents is that our quaint little island will lose its charm. If we don’t find ways to create more operating dollars, we as “islanders” will eventually have to pick up the tab. If we can come to some middle of the road agreement with the potential developers, it can be a win-win situation for both parties. No matter what happens, progress will move forward. With or without our approval.

Tony Scopel

Fort Myers Beach