Project Traffic Effects


On December 14th a huge crowd came to the Grand Resorts presentation. It’s clear that FMB residents care passionately about the future of their island.

After the presentation I went to the traffic display. I was dismayed to find that that person had only researched the proposed roundabout, the ramp to the parking garage and the re-routing of Estero Blvd. within the Grand Resorts project. He had not addressed the fact that permits have already been given to build high rises on San Carlos Island and that more applications are in the pipeline. He had not considered the effect of hundreds of extra cars coming to the new hotel rooms, the conference center and the parking garage within the Grand Resorts project PLUS the extra cars going to the new high rises on San Carlos Island!

But our Town Councilors, the Lee County Commissioners and we need to join up the dots and look at the whole picture. After all, we would have to sit in the traffic.

During season it can take an hour to get home. I have often envied people making a U-turn and abandoning their trip to the beach. I can’t do that, I live here!

Some visitors will tolerate an hour of being stuck in traffic for the pleasure of coming to the beach. I doubt that they would be willing to spend two hours in traffic.

Putting more traffic onto San Carlos Blvd. than it can carry would be bad for business because it would deter visitors and it would make the life of residents miserable.

Let us urge our Town Council and the Lee County Commissioners to prevent this.

I’m not saying that the Grand Resorts project should be rejected altogether. There are some attractive aspects. But it is too large, too dense and too urban for the site. It is good that Mr. Torgerson is prepared to listen to locals and make alterations.

Gertraud Short

Fort Myers Beach