Program Visits FMB, Finding Florida Podcast


Most of us carry business cards that define our “ho-hum” everyday ordinary existence – writer, publisher, editor – but Jamie Legagneur and Glenn Hebert put us all to shame! “I am the ‘Host Extraordinaire & Chief Enthusiasm Officer,’ related Jamie with a huge laugh, “and I am the ‘Chief Fun Officer,’ added Glenn, chuckling as well! Jamie and Glenn will drive their own brand of fun to Fort Myers Beach on Friday and Saturday, May 17 & 18, when their “Finding Florida Podcast” (FFP) travels to our island.

Glenn is a podcast veteran, with more than ten years in the industry and over 8,000 episodes, most notably for his “Horse Radio Network” show, saying “I don’t know of anyone who has done more! I met Jamie while at a huge podcasting convention in Orlando. I thought about doing a travel show but never found the right co-host, but she came bubbling up to me to do an interview for her own podcast and was smart and funny and cool and crazy and I knew I found my perfect alter-ego! This was important because, unlike many podcasts where you just sit at home and interview people, we wanted to take FFP on the road to have a lot of fun and she was ideal for that!”

“We began doing FFP about 18 months ago and now it is the flagship show of the Florida Podcast Network,” Jamie related. “People love the places we travel to and the people we meet while opening a lot of eyes to Florida’s tourism industry, and they also get a kick out of how much fun Glenn and I have interacting with each other and that is what the show is all about.” “I have a simple goal in every episode,” added Glenn: “To make Jamie squirm!” She has her own goal for him as well – “to make Glenn visit an emergency room!” “That has happened,” affirmed Glenn!

On the Road

They are literally taking this FFP episode “on the road.” “A huge aspect of this show is that we will travel to Fort Myers Beach in an RV we will pick up in Venice,” Jamie stated. “The RV adventure and Fort Myers Beach trip are intertwined together,” Glenn said. “Fort Myers Beach has its own ‘Freedom Boat Club’ chapter and this is an offshoot of that, called ‘Freedom RVing’ that they hope will spring up all over the country, to enjoying RVing without spending $200,000 to buy your own. We heard about this while at the Miami Boat Show, where people raved about Fort Myers Beach, so it all came together for this episode.”

“Once we arrive Friday, we will park at the Red Coconut RV Park that we understand is a legend on the beach,” explained Jamie. “Since we will be in a home on wheels, I am bringing my 7-year-old son Jordon on this trip for the first time, so that will be interesting, considering how much he runs around the house!” “You know all those comedy movies about folks traveling in RVs,” Glenn asked rhetorically – “I will let you know how true they are after that weekend!”

It is obvious that Jamie and Glenn revel in each other’s company and that their chemistry is essential to the success of FFP. “I think that is because, at heart, we are so different,” Jamie offered. “As a result, we bring out the best in each other and work off of that.” “We strive to pull one-another out of our comfort zones,” Glenn said. “We push each other to try things we would not ordinarily do,” with Jamie quickly adding, “like forcing each other to eat things like sushi and frog legs!”

In addition to spending Friday night at the Red Coconut, Jamie and Glenn will be guests on “Beach Talk Radio” on Saturday morning at “Pete’s Time Out” in Times Square at 9 a.m. “Ed and his crew are also on the Florida Podcast Network, so we are excited to visit,” related Jamie. “We encourage everyone to come to the broadcast and meet us in person, because we will be out visiting other places during the rest of our trip.” Other destination points include the historic Mound House as well as a Fort Myers trip to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates.

New Places; New Things

Fort Myers Beach will be FFPs 19th episode and Jamie and Glenn expect the show to run a long time. “We do two episodes a month, one of which involves traveling,” Glenn related. “Florida is a huge state with so much to see and do, so we do not expect to run out of places to go anytime soon! While one of the points of this episode is the enjoyment you can get through RVing, mostly we want our audience to learn about what Florida offers.” “It is about visiting new places and trying new things,” echoed Jamie.

Glenn said their audience is “male and female, mostly between 25 to 55, and we are now seeing the upper end of that spectrum increasing, as more older people are figuring out how to listen to podcasts on their cellphones.” “Only 30 percent of our audience is from Florida,” Jamie related. “We have listeners in all 50 states and internationally; just like people who now live in Florida come from all over the place, so does our demographic.”

While they enjoy bringing FFP to the masses, each episode comes with challenges, good and bad: “Mine is traveling with Jamie,” laughed Glenn! “I will let you decide which side of the ledger to put that on!” “I don’t know if it is the worst part,” said Jamie, “but the trickiest is working out the itinerary so everything goes smoothly on the road. The best part by far is the people we meet, who are funny, entertaining, and absolutely define what makes Florida unique and fascinating!” To learn this for yourself, experience the “Finding Florida Podcast” at and


By Gary Mooney