Precious Civility


The political trends on our little island are disturbing. After a long process, the freely elected Town Council voted unanimously to pass a compromise proposal for TPI. A lawsuit that seems to have been instigated and financed by an individual unhappy with the agreement stops the process. Alright, the courts are there to protect to law. Now these shrill attack ads by the misnamed “Friends of Fort Myers Beach, PAC” are showing up on my computer and in my mailbox. All of the worst of national political strategies are coming to roost here in our little town. The Friends ads are nothing but divisive and negative. They don’t have the guts to say what or who they are for. This is a small town at heart, and we run into each other at events frequently. I hope this effort by the “friends” PAC fails and backfires and it discourages similar or continued attack ads for the next election. Let’s regain some precious civility and distance ourselves from these ads and this negative and destructive organization. These ads run because some people think their voice isn’t loud enough, or isn’t loud enough to drown out the voices of others. Democracy works in our small town, but democracy means having your say, not necessarily getting your way.


Bill Veach

Fort Myers Beach