Beach Pool Closing for Routine Maintenance


In the next week or so, cozy up to that neighbor with the backyard pool or, better yet, plan a day on the beach, because the Fort Myers Beach Community Pool closes for routine maintenance from Saturday, August 12 through Sunday, August 20.

“We will do a lot of deep cleaning because of the heavy usage during the summer,” said Sean DePalma, Director of Parks & Recreation for the Town of Fort Myers Beach. “We will do extensive cleaning to the filter system, as this maintenance will hopefully ensure the longevity and efficiency of the pumps and filters. We will pressure-clean the pool and deck, and apply a specific treatment to sanitize the tiles, as well as paying special attention to the restrooms. Another project is to modernize the office area, including sprucing it up with fresh paint, and touching up other places that require it.”

Sean explained that this closing time frame is different from previous years: “The pool previously shut down for maintenance for three weeks each August, but this was inefficient, so we revamped it to half that time twice a year, and we will do this again in January.”


Gary Mooney