Plane Noise


I sent a letter to the Editor over a year ago regarding the Deafing Airplane noise over our Condos on Bay Beach Lane. This is greatly affecting our quality of life. These planes should not be circling in at low altitudes over Lovers Key State Park area. The answer I received was that an Attorney was in Washington working on it. Apparently, he is not successful. What is the next step?


Kevin McCann
Fort Myers Beach


Editor Note: The latest report from the group that urged the hiring of former Transportation Director Rodney Slater to represent the Town on aircraft noise issues, was that the implementation of other approach routes is set for June 22, 2017. For more information, see the November 10, 2016 article, “Aircraft Issues Report” or a November 25, 2015 article, “Plane Noise Issue Status: Slater Agrees to Work Pro Bono for Now” that can be found via search at