Pine Lily, Beach Botany


The Pine Lily, Lilium catesbaei, is a perennial herb with a single erect stem that grows from a fibrous root blub to a height of about two feet. Ascending lanceolate to linear leaves are alternate on the stem. At the top of the stem is a solitary flower. Catesbaei is a monocot. Catesbaei has a calyx of three sepals that support the corolla. Sepal and petal margins are toothed and colored a brilliant red with a bright yellow patch and brown spots at the base. Five orange colored stamens project from the center of the corolla. Blooming occurs in the summer and fall. Fruit is a capsule with reddish seeds.

Catesbaei is found in wet prairies and pine flatwoods in most counties on the Florida peninsula. There are six species in the genus Lilium that are native to Florida. This specimen was found in a pine flatwood at the C.R.E.W. Preserve.