Phoenix Awards


At the December 20th FMB Fire District meeting it was brought to our attention that several FMB firefighters received the Phoenix award for “successful patient resuscitation which led to the patient’s intact neurological release.” What that means in plain English is that somebody clinically died and was brought back by our firefighters.

That person can celebrate Christmas and has a lot to be thankful for. The firefighters for this specific award were Capt Jake Lamb, Engineer Paul Russel, Firefighters Kyra Adams and Chris Armiger. I say specific award since this is not our district’s first Phoenix Award and hopefully there will be more in the future.

An award of this nature reminds us why we have a fire department and how important it is. I am sure I can speak for our constituents in wishing the FMB firefighters a very Merry Christmas!


Theodore (Ted) R. Schindler II
Vice-Chair, FMB Fire District