Peyton Manning to Rams?


The general impression of where Peyton Manning’s career is heading, is retirement. He hasn’t come out in a press conference and said so, but family, friends and teammates have said that Manning has hinted that Super Bowl 50 will be the final game of his career. Even if he doesn’t retire, more than likely, it will be his last game in a Broncos uniform, and now we may have a clue as to where he will end up if he doesn’t retire.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the soon-to-be Los Angeles Rams have discussed internally the possibility of bringing Manning to the team. At this point it’s pretty much just rumors and there are a few things standing in the way of this getting done. The first thing is, will Manning retire? The second is his contract with Denver; he has one year remaining with the team. The contract doesn’t seem to be a big obstacle, especially since it doesn’t look like the team will be including Manning on their roster next season.

Peyton Manning spent the first 13 years of his NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts and the last four seasons with the Denver Broncos. He is looking to add another major achievement to his Hall of Fame career by getting another Super Bowl ring. Retirement seems like the logical thing to do, especially if he can go out on top with another championship under his belt. Also, Manning hasn’t exactly been the picture of good health lately either, and it was also reported that Manning will need hip replacement surgery eventually.

When Manning was sidelined with a foot injury, Brock Osweiler took over the team with great success. Although Osweiler had only thrown 30 passes in the three previous seasons for Denver, he shined when called upon this season, winning 5 out of 7 games. He was definitely a big part of the Broncos late season run that vaulted them to the number one seed and home field advantage in the playoffs. It seems that Osweiler will take over the quarterback duties fulltime next season. Broncos fans are hoping that the only way he plays in Super Bowl 50 is if it’s a Broncos blowout and he comes in to run out the clock. For now, Manning will be the starting quarterback as they face Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers on the biggest stage in the country. Peyton Manning tends to shine when the cameras and lights are on him.

Given that you can’t watch a sporting event without seeing Manning in a TV commercial, the limelight of L.A. might just be the best place for the star QB and TV personality to go out in style. Needless to say, Rams coach Jeff Fisher would love the prospect of bringing in the veteran. Manning’s Colts repeatedly defeated Fisher’s Titans over the years.

Manning’s move to the Rams would also be great for the team that will be the first team in L.A. in 20 years. Manning wouldn’t be the first big name quarterback to play their final seasons on the sunny beaches of California. Johnny Unitas finished out his career in San Diego and Joe Namath, who was also a TV commercial icon, made the move to the Los Angeles Rams.

Super Bowl 50

Carolina vs. Denver -Sunday at 6:30pm


College Hoops

What a wild season so far in NCAA men’s basketball. It seems like every week there is a new number one team in the AP top 25 rankings. This weeks top team is Oklahoma, who has only lost to (7) Kansas and (13) Iowa State. The top ten hasn’t stayed the same since the season started. It seems like a very level playing field this year and predicting this year’s Final Four is nearly impossible. This year’s preseason #1 team and biggest favorite to make the tournament, (20) Kentucky, lost on Tuesday night and is in jeopardy of falling from the rankings completely. #2 North Carolina will also drop in the rankings after a loss to Louisville on Monday night. (3) Villanova will probably take over the #2 spot after defeating St. John’s on Sunday. Even though the teams have been beating up on each other, the Big Ten has three teams in the top 10; (4) Maryland, (5) Iowa, and (10) Michigan State. (7) Kansas was also at the top of the rankings a couple of times this year, but a loss to (13) Iowa State dropped them out of the top five.

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