Paving Paradise


“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” With 4 pink hotels, 8 boutiques, and 9 swinging hot spots. Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

On Monday the presentation of the downtown development was made. The residents of the Town need to understand this project. First, we lose Crescent Family Park and will have a structure larger than the Lani Kai. Second, a traffic circle is going to solve all of our traffic problems while the development/hotels bring a thousand or so more cars over. We still have a two lane bridge and a two lane Estero Boulevard. It doesn’t add up and San Carlos Island is going to have a new huge new development also? Third, and maybe the most important is that a 9 foot above sea level sea wall is going to protect the entire development so they can “build at grade” 6 feet above sea level. Sea walls do not protect anything when they are built in front of large bodies of water such as the Gulf. Most towns do not allow them. They do not absorb the energy of the water surge and waves during a storm but simply transfer the water over the wall or back out as a back wash removing the beach sand and the water that moves laterally wipes out whatever there is at the end of the wall. Remember this wall is 9 feet above sea level. Katrina had a storm surge of 28 feet!

The residents need to get involved and let the Council know how they feel. Unfortunately the Town staff does not have the time or experience to evaluate a huge project like this that is simply “not to code”.

Gerry Trantina

Fort Myers Beach