Parking & Traffic


I read with some amusement the reporting on town councils debate about traffic and parking. Statements like “We already have traffic in season all the way down the island and this would create more density.” and “I love living here but I could not leave my home over Christmas Week.” and “It is a privilege to bring a car onto a barrier island so it should cost you” from Council member Shamp. And from Hosfros, “in-season parking should be more than $3-an-hour, as cheaper or additional parking “encourages more traffic.” show a level of logical disconnect that is hard to comprehend.

Wasn’t there a unanimous vote to approve Margaretville? What did these council members think? A resort of that size and popularity would bring less traffic and would create less of a parking problem? I recall quite a bit of discussion regarding the unsightliness of the entrance of our island during the Margaritaville debate, and now they want to consider car stackers? Now there’s a look that says WOW, isn’t that….urban.

It’s pure fantasy to think people coming to our beach will gladly sit and wait in traffic on a public tram instead of bringing their own car or in many cases the rental they picked up at the airport to sit and wait in traffic. Next time Council wants to trade “community benefit” for increased density to a developer remind them how long you sat in traffic, coming or going to the Island formerly known as Ft. Myers Beach


Kirk Whitacre
Fort Myers Beach