Parking Tickets   


Kudos to the Lions Club, especially Tracey, Diane and helpers, for organizing another great Shrimp Festival Parade…we were very proud to be a part of it!

Bricks to the downtown “meter maids” for issuing parking tickets to parade participants! With Lynn Hall closed to parking and so many extra folks on the island, it was a real challenge to find somewhere to park our rig (truck and float) while we ate lunch at a nearby restaurant. Considering that the parade is part of the Festival, which brings thousands of people, who spend thousands of dollars in Fort Myers Beach, one would think the town fathers could be more lenient in policing the parade participants parking. We parked on Old San Carlos Blvd. for approximately one hour and returned to find two parking tickets on our windshield – one for each space our lengthy float used. We also noted that other parade participants, parked behind us, had tickets as well.

The Shrimp Festival is a large draw for Island businesses and this sort of reception does nothing to promote future participation. Surely, for this one day, a little more forgiveness could be exercised.


Jim Bezemer

Fort Myers Beach


Editor’s note: Lion Diane Clifton coordinates The Shrimp Festival Parade. Tracey Gore is the volunteer Shrimp Pageant Coordinator. Residents and visitors are welcome to speak to Town Council about parking enforcement or any other topic during their next meeting at 6:30pm on Monday, March 20.