Parking Ramp is Solution


I am a resident at Lexington Country Club and have witnessed stalled lines of cars on San Carlos for 3 miles back to Pine Ridge every weekend and other sunny days. Last Saturday we saw cars backed up to Summerlin at 11:30am. For the last 10 years I have been thinking of writing a letter to the papers suggesting a 1000 car parking ramp accessed directly off the bridge. I have shared my thoughts with some Times Square business owners.

It is 3 miles from Summerlin to Times Square, 2 miles of 2 lanes and 1 mile of 1 lane. Thus 5 times 5280 or 26440 feet of space involved divided by 25 feet for each parked car = 1056 parked cars at any given busy time period. If we moved these cars into a parking ramp accessed directly off the bridge we would go a long way towards solving our problem.

Tom Torgerson’s original plan of a 1500 car-parking ramp is in line with my assessment. It will need 500 stalls to replace existing parking and meeting parking needs of the new hotels, leaving 1000 additional spaces.

Presently, it takes about 1 hour to get from Summerlin with the worst traffic jam. There is no obstruction to traffic moving from Summerlin to Times Square. The first obstruction is the right turn to go north on Estero. The second is the pedestrian crossing. The third is the cars looking for a place to park, from the foot of the bridge to 6 blocks to the south along with more pedestrians crossing the road. The plan removes most of these obstacles. Traffic will leave the roundabout in 3 or 4 different directions. If we assume that a moving car takes up 35 feet of space, at 3 mph it takes 9 seconds to go past a point or 400 cars per hour. At 10 mph it takes only 2 1/2 seconds or 1440 cars per hour.

Donald Radosevich

Fort Myers