Parking Ramp Concerns


I missed the last “Public meeting ” about the changes. To FMB due to illness and am sorry to have missed it I had remarks on the parking garage, and that was the last meeting. I have mentioned my concerns about the garage, and it seems it went nowhere. The present parking lot on Crescent street is wide open, and we constantly see sex acts, and loud music is always heard along with car alarms sounding off. An enclosed structure would only invite more fights, crime “robbery of cars and people” I do not park in garages where I could be attack. It will provide more sleeping areas for the homeless. I do not fear or “look down” on the homeless. There but for the grace of go I as the saying goes. Therefore if we provide for a crime area on the beach, people will soon avoid FMB. Therefore most of the people I know are against the enclosed parking garage. I know we need more parking, but a multi level parking garage is not the solution. It will soon be necessary to install cameras, lights, and policing in the garage. Not to mention our loss of a view. Our complaints seem to go unheard, so attending another meeting probably would not help.

Shirley Rouse

Fort Myers Beach