Parking Injustice


I have owned a house on the beach in Fairview isles for 32 years and have abided by all rules and regulations.

Last evening, I had a neighborhood party to allow everyone in this great little community a chance to say good bye to snowbirds. While everyone was having a great time in the early evening, the traffic enforcement ticketed all the guests parked on the street. That being said, you know Bayview Blvd has been the source for disaster to get up the street, due to the building of two (large) houses being built at the same time.

The residents wake up to cement trucks beeping. Large vehicles turning around in our driveways causing damage in most cases, the constant parking in front of mail boxes all day, the garbage and trash left by workers and the destroyed cul de sac.

I was told by enforcement that 3 parking spaces were bought by the builder to accommodate workers. This is laughable; there are at least 10 trucks there at one time each day including weekends. I also didn’t know I could purchase a public street where emergency vehicles, trash trucks and other pubic vehicles may need to perform their functions.

Then one party, by the real residents in the neighborhood were ticketed because they received a call that a person could not get to their house. This was a grudge call. I was told by Doug Molloy, that construction vehicles are not going to be ticketed?

What an injustice for this community!


Patricia Korn
VP Fairview Isles Association