Parking Garage Concerns


A parking garage does not belong on FMB at the foot of the bridge. 1500 cars coming and going all day from the parking garage will all be at the head of the line to get off the island. Those of us who live mid or south island will not be able to inch up the island to the bridge. Currently during season, we wait in traffic for 1 – 2 hours to get to the bridge. Putting 1500 cars ahead of us will make it impossible for us to get to appointments in Fort Myers. Going south through Bonita Beach takes the same amount of time as that traffic backs up to get to US 41.  A parking garage could be built on the Lee Tran parking lot on the San Carlos Island side of the bridge.  People could take the trolley to the beach.  Height would not be an issue there as the boat storage facility is quite tall.  Do not make it impossible for those of us who live mid and south island to get to Fort Myers.

Sheila Roberts

Fort Myers Beach