Parking and Traffic Ideas

Letters to the Editor


Lee County should build and operate a 1,000 car parking ramp on Estero boulevard in the vicinity of Times Square on Fort Myers Beach with direct access from the bridge along with a direct route to return to the bridge.  Lee County needs more parking in the Times Square area. There are less than 1200 parking spaces available for the public beach goers from Bowditch Park to The Red Coconut campground.  These parking places are simply inadequate for almost a million residents and visitors of Lee County who want to spend a day at the most popular beach in Florida. This parking ramp will allow an additional 3,000 people to enjoy the beach  each day without having any additional cars on Estero Boulevard.

Lee County should build the ramp. Torgerson cannot get approval from the town. The town is interested in having fewer cars. Lee County has the land. Lee County, by spending $80,000,000 to solve the traffic problem, has the muscle to get town approval for a 5 or 6 story parking structure at the foot of the bridge.

Lee County can follow the lead of the Collier County ramp at Vanderbilt Beach.  Charge $8 for all day parking.  Either vacate Estero or have 1 way traffic on Estero to Crescent.  Lee County should be able to get sufficient land from Torgerson and a substantial amount of money in exchange for little used Crescent park.  $8,000 a day for 100 days should make the ramp a money maker.  The ramp will remove most remnants of traffic problems.  We will need a traffic circle or traffic signals at the foot of the bridge.


Donald Radosevich
Fort Myers Beach