Parade Yes! Beads No!


I am so happy to be able to let everyone know that the parade will run along the same route as it has for many years. Running from School Street to the base of the bridge onto Fort Myers Beach.

That being said the stipulation that has been put forward by the Town of Fort Myers Beach is that absolutely no beads can be thrown ever again. As they have been managing the construction on the beach they became aware of the effects of years of bead throwing. The beads have clogged and tangled in the drainage systems causing extra hours of work to clear the areas as they progress on the project.

There will be information sent by the Town that will state that no bead throwing can ever be allowed again. So please, please, please no beads. Your compliance will help to preserve the environment of Fort Myers Beach. Candy will be allowed.

Parade information, fire regulations and applications can be found at

I hope to see you all again this year. Please let me know if you have any questions by email at It is best to communicate with me by email as I can check that throughout the day when I am at work.

Diane Clifton

Fort Myers Beach Lions Club

Parade Chairman