Paint Around 2020


The artists of the Fort Myers Beach Art Association are committed to supporting young artists within the community. One way they do that is by offering student scholarships each year. Funds for those scholarships got a boost January 23rd as the FMBAA hosted a ‘Paint Around’ at their gallery, where funds were raised from entry fees, raffles and auctioning the finished artworks.

The four artists with their completed mixed media artwork. From left, Lynne Wesolowski, Bea Perrin Pappas, Deborah Butler and Helma Gansen.

What is a Paint Around? Think of it as a very creative adult version of the children’s game of “telephone,” where what one person starts, is added onto and changed until you get to the end of the circle and something totally different has been created. In the FMBAA Student Scholarship Fundraiser Paint Around, four talented and award-winning artists each began a mixed media collage work. Then after 15 minutes or so, it was passed on to the next artist, who added their touch to it, and so on until at the end of about an hour, the result was four stunning mixed media collage works that they each signed before they were auctioned. This year’s artists were Deborah Butler, Helma Gansen, Bea Perrin Pappas and Lynne Wesolowski.

Lynne Wesolowski and Bea Perrin Pappas work on their artwork.
All four artists at work during the Paint Around.

The FMBAA will host a Student Scholarship Show at the Gallery from April 4 – 8. The Scholarship Awards Reception, open to all, will be held on Sunday, April 5 from 1-5pm.

The current show in the gallery through February 6 is “Not the Status Quo.” Beginning February 10 and continuing through March 5, “Defying the Ordinary” show will be in the gallery. Studio 2 will host the Buelow/Gansen Show from February 8-20, then the Walling Mexico Trip Show from February 22 – March 5.

The FMBAA Gallery is open Monday – Saturday from 10am -3pm through mid-April when summer hours of Wednesday and Thursday 9am -noon begin. Admission is free. The gallery is located at 3030 Shell Mound Blvd, at the corner of Donora Blvd. and Shell Mound Blvd. The FMBAA hosts numerous classes and workshops during season. Learn more at or call 239-463-3909.