PAC Entitled to Opinion


Last week’s Island Sand Paper had many letters from residents decrying the divisive election and the advent of PAC money to lobby against re-election of Mr. Boback.

Personally, I am appalled he had the gall to stand for re-election. He was recorded discussing council business with someone who is suing the town and who is going to cost us a lot of money in legal fees. Yes, the State Attorney declined to act based on the Sunshine laws, but, if I am not mistaken, specifically said that the ruling was not a judgement on the ethical nature of the complaint.

One unfortunate aspect of a tourism-based resort town like FMB is that the money to run the town doesn’t come from the voting residents. Ms. Milligan founded Estero Island Taxpayers Association (EITA) for that reason – so that the taxpayers who pay the majority of the money into town coffers would have a voice. I also recall that over 80% of (town) tax (income) comes from non-residents; from the people who visit year after year, spending money in the local businesses and thus helping the town afford the school, the historical preserves, the maintenance of local roads, etc.

The only way that the EITA [(representing) the people who pay most of the town taxes] can have any influence in a local election is by educating the voters and expressing an opinion, which is what the PAC is doing. If the taxpayers association think Mr. Boback is bad for the town, then they are entitled to make their opinion known.

I am a voting resident and taxpayer, and I welcome the exchange of information about the candidates from any quarter. And I will not be voting for Mr. Boback.


Peter Thornton
Fort Myers Beach