PAC Concern


In full disclosure, I am a FMB resident with no political-candidate relationships or leanings [yet], no investment properties, but with a strong preference for openness and honesty as I make my voting decisions.

I am greatly concerned over the current and past coverage of and now mailings of the Friends of Fort Myers Beach and the Estero Island Taxpayers Association [EITA]. I see the terms ‘Friends of’ and ‘Taxpayers’ as possible cloaks to benefiting narrowly focused self interest in their real estate investments.

If my web searches are correct, I find their leadership e.g. Beverley Milligan, heavily involved in real estate, their facts on one of the candidates misleading [he was cleared by the proper authorities] and more like mud-slinging. Given their self-interests, why not call themselves “Real Estate Investors PAC”?

Perhaps some truth in the statement “Beware of those bearing gifts” and what their real motives are! And again, in full disclosure, from my experience the most poorly maintained properties are often investment rentals.

Joel Matthews
Fort Myers Beach