Out of Town Drivers


Ms. Cereceda’s guest commentary on March 1 was spot on. Suck it up, take some deep breaths and move on. Nevertheless, couldn’t suppress a chuckle reading her comment regarding Ohio drivers, me being one. So maybe a little humorous payback may be in order. As a long time visitor to the area, the number of “driverless” cars never ceases to amaze me. No, it isn’t artificial intelligence piloting them, but people so short the tops of their heads aren’t visible over the headrests. They steer while looking under top arc of the wheel, unhurriedly guiding their humongous old Lincolns, Mercurys and Buicks to their destinations.

If Ohioans sometimes seem confused, in your way, and always gawking about, it’s because we have difficulty finding our way. Why? Because everything looks the same to us – the terrain is dead flat, the buildings are of the same design and colors, the trees are all the same type and height, the landscaping is strikingly similar everywhere, etc. Features that help us out at home, like hills, valleys, curves in the road, creeks and the like seem not to exist down here. However, here in Fort Myers Beach you have warmth, sunshine, winter golf, fresh seafood, beaches with sugary sand, Publix grocery stores and much more. So, we’ll keep coming back, spending our money, and respectfully enjoying our time here with you as long as you don’t make fun of our driving in print. Can we shake on that? 😉


Don Adick
West Chester, Ohio