Only Part of Swamp Needs Draining


This is the third letter of my Drain the Swamp series regarding Fort Myers Beach Town Government. The 2 Town Council seats we elected last March gave us 2 citizen responsible, fiscally conservative Council Members in Mayor Boback and Councilwoman Gore but, they need voting support in our “majority rules” Council environment. The Town Council has 3 seats up for election this coming March and those 3 seats are who we need to replace in order to have a solid citizen responsible, fiscally conservative Council.

Voting wise, since the March, 2016 Council election, they have had a tough uphill battle fighting for what the majority of our town citizens want and trying to vote in fiscally responsible legislation. They need our help by again coming out to vote in March for 3 like-minded Council candidates to fully bring Fort Myers Beach back to “Government Lite” governance.

I would like to thank Mayor Boback and Councilwoman Gore for fighting for a citizen focussed, fiscally responsible Fort Myers Beach Town government in 2016. Hang in there and keep up the good fight! We will be there in 2017 to elect 3 like-minded new Council Members to help you move your agenda forward!


Mike Baker
Fort Myers Beach