One and Done Offshore Races


First off I want to say that I have no dog in this fight other than wanting to be able to see a Offshore boat race right here in my own back yard. I won’t have to go to Key West or St. Pete to see a race. My information about this race comes from what I have read in the Sand Paper and through rumor.

The town council has NOT been asked for any money, they have only been asked to waive some fees. The council and the town manager have not ever offered to help or ask what can they do to help. Instead as reported in this paper they have asked for things like port-a-potties and then want to know where they will be installed, while the promoters ask, “Where do you want them?”

One member says that people next to (beach) access sites may not like them there and then later says, “We don’t want people defecating everywhere.” The council has stone walled this event by asking the event people to go way over board. Now add the fire department asking things like PERMITS from the racers to run a generator and a permit to put up a canopy. Also charge Overtime rates to inspect. I have been to many races and have never heard anything so absurd. Every hotel on the beach has tripled their rates for race weekend, every restaurant will get extra business. It’s going to be like Spring Break only in October. I fear that this race will be a one and done for the beach. If I was the promoter (they are not getting paid) I would not come back to a town that does not want them.


Nick Amelio
Fort Myers