Not Worth It


Like many visitors over the years my wife and I have come to love Ft Meyers Beach because it’s not Fort Lauderdale or South Miami Beach. We anchored in the harbor long before there were mooring balls and a dinghy dock and watched FMB develop in an orderly, friendly way. We’ve been reading about the Grand Resorts project. Reject it. We’ve seen these kinds of developments all over the world and too many destroy the character of the place. In some respects FMB is blessed with severely limited automobile ingress and egress which will forever limit grandiose development. Don’t believe the traffic impact projections or the impact on Times Square, the public beaches and all. The income and real estate tax benefits just aren’t worth it.

Richard and Kathleen de Grasse

s/v Endeavour, Islesboro, Maine, lying Ft Myers Beach, Florida