Not What They Seem


Grand Resort is in a full court blitz to get a large development approved on the island. They are very well organized with a hired marketing team and support staff. Their sole purpose is to get the community to buy into a large development that does not meet our community’s guidelines and subsumes our public park. (If this were not the case, they would have showed a beautiful downtown development plan that followed our building codes and preserved our public park).

Grand Resort community meetings serve two key objectives for their corporation: Product Marketing (a process of promoting and selling a product to an audience) and Product Audience Analysis (using audience feedback to adapt their message so the product will be more appealing to a market over time). To be very clear, these meeting are NOT designed to present objective information. They are designed to disseminate repeated biased information until the Fort Myers Beach community sees this project through their lens.

The Grand Resort is behaving like any other large developer that has changed the landscape of most of the Florida coast. Whether you think Tom Torgerson is a good guy or a wolf in sheep’s clothing is irrelevant. The community needs to start organizing to discern whether the facts concerning this development uphold our Fort Myers Beach Strategic vision, building codes and protect our public property. If you are interested in organizing a forum that will be prepared to give direction to our town council in a collective voice, please email

Dan and Colleen Hendrickson

Fort Myers Beach