Not That Hard


The recent report to Town Council by the DOT (Island Sand Paper, Nov 10, 2016) had me reading with disbelief the comments by our elected representatives about roundabouts. Mr. Wayne (from the DOT) said that “roundabouts decrease accidents by as much as 80%, especially fatal ones that occur from T-bone mishaps.”

And what does our Mayor say about that idea? “Things that happen in roundabouts are insane!” Can I suggest we teach our elected officials how to drive? And how to negotiate a safe, simple, roundabout – which the rest of the world finds perfectly not-confusing, as it just involves a right turn with a ‘Yield’ sign and another right turn to exit. I’m sure if we had one it would soon become familiar to the council and they’d learn to deal with it very quickly – and maybe a few lives would get saved.


Peter Thornton
Fort Myers Beach