Not For FMB


For the past 32 years, we have had the privilege of calling Fort Myers Beach our “home away from home”, first as vacationers and now as Snowbirds.

The first time we came over the Matanzas Pass Bridge we were struck by God’s magnificent handiwork in every direction. After this awesome view of nature, our attention was drawn to the quaint buildings with their unique personalities and colors in Times Square, and again by the magnificent view of the Gulf. This view always brings peace, serenity and welcome to the soul.

After attending the February 22 Grand Resorts meeting, we question how much of that serene and unique atmosphere will prevail. All we can visualize coming over the bridge is a cluster of modern structures, and much less view of the beach. All eyes and attention will be drawn and belong to Grand Resorts, not to the timeless beauty of the island.

We realize there is need for updates and renovations around town, but this conglomerate of buildings completely takes over. The plan is way too large and encompassing, and too grandiose for the character of the town. There are numerous destinations that offer the aura of Grand Resorts. Fort Myers Beach represents a peaceful, natural escape from the modern world.

John and Terri Moscan

Fort Myers Beach & Indiana