Not Buying


Mr. Torgerson in his interview (Island Sand Paper, Feb 19, 2016, “Torgerson to Discuss Parking, Zoning and Traffic at Next Meeting”) referenced Clearwater Beach as comparable example of his proposed so called Coastal Protection System (seawall). What he didn’t say and for anyone who has never visited Clearwater Beach, is that on Clearwater the distance from the CPS to the high tide water line averages 1200 feet, *( or in other words, four football fields! Whereas from the existing seawall at Crescent Park to the high tide water line is about 50 feet. While Clearwater beach has not needed re-nourishment since 1970. Ft Myers Beach has required re-nourishment at least twice since 1990. My personal observation from living on the beach for 22 years is that the beach erosion is most severe in the areas where a seawall exists, Lynn Hall park to the Mermaid and further down the island at Newton Park southward. Don’t buy what he’s selling about his so called CPS. It will exacerbate erosion and require re-nourishment in perpetuity.

Kirk Whitacre

Fort Myers Beach