No to C-43


They mayor Sanibel island, Kevin Ruanne is the leading figure promoting the C43 water storage facility, along with our FMB mayor, and our surrounding local mayors. Problem! And YES, without any cleansing device or filtration measures. The Sanibel mayor has recently writren a guest commentary in all local newspapers “challenging” any advocate for “clean water” to come to the table with better solutions to our local water quality needs. We as the Swfl clean water movement have requested for several metting. All ignored the simple requst for dialogue. Our problem is that there are no cleansing devices or filtration measures on the C43 water storage facility that will in turn release more dirty water to our local river, into our estuaries and eventually into our Gulf of Mexico & Estero Bay preserve. One of their main objectives is to use your tax dollars to hire a lobbyist to speak for our community in Tallahassee, and even the federal level. These mayors are making the “wrong” decisions for YOU without ever informing you of this water storage facility with no cleaning devices or filtration measures at the sourse. The mayor of sanibel has been going to each town council and asking for money to invest in this chosen lobbyist, (fyi) who happened to have a background in development.

(Ruanne) and these local mayors are literally bamboozling us the general public into believing this is the right thing to do for our troubled waterways. The mayor “challenged” any advocate to come to the table to offer better solutions. We did. We will try again as FMB residents to lead with the truth; not fear.

John G Heim

Fort Myers Beach