No Road Gap


In the Dec 9th Island Sand Paper, on page 8 a comment made by (Mayor) Boback was, “No one wants to stop the road project.” Guess what? The Red Coconut had it stopped. Just because the Myers (Red Coconut owners) and (County Commissioner) Kiker are close friends, there shouldn’t be any stoppage on the road project. The Myers own property on both sides, but not the roadway.

Everyone along Estero Blvd suffers from Crescent St. to Lovers Lane. The roadway should continue all the way down to the end of Estero Blvd with no stoppage.

Now the project is continuing from 7-11 south. Then contractors have to come back to work on the project May 20, 2017. This is uncalled for. Businesses from Crescent St. to Lovers Lane should write to the Sand Paper about what’s going at the Red Coconut area. Governor Scott should intervene with the project where favoritism is being used.


P. Winter
Fort Myers Beach