No More Negative


The media must stop headlining and dramatizing only negative about our Town and start reporting the Positive. There are more positive than negative. Town Council doesn’t always agree; News Flash – this has been going on since we incorporated and before. Its not just FMB, it’s everywhere. Politics hasn’t changed, reporters have. We will always have some politicians who favor the residents and some who favor commercial interests.

Personally I think that Council Member Tracey Gore is one of the best representatives the Residents have ever had. I read as she and two other council women don’t agree, and I appreciate Tracey staying true to her word when she won the election last year. Tracey volunteers for so much good on this island.

The media must understand negative reporting on our island is insulting to all of us. All five residents who were elected to Council are neighbors and friends to different people in our community. We must unite and not allow the media and a few special interests folks out there divide us, the residents of Fort Myers Beach.

There is an election in a few weeks and still work to do, like downsizing Public Works staff and their town vehicles, replacing the docks town staff tore down, replacing the Town Manager with a professional, getting a handle on storm water costs, water quality, etc. And we haven’t heard much from the big development, its still there, so we need to elect people who will make them follow our codes and protect our island. No matter how you look at it, us islanders live a beautiful life here! We love it the way it is!


Fran Cooke
Fort Myers Beach