No Good Deed


On Sunday May 5, I volunteered my time to assist in the Taste of the Beach, an Island-sponsored event. Based on the number of people who attended, volunteered and contributed, it appeared to be great success. Congrats to those who organized it.

Now remember, you are within the confines of the Town of Ft Myers Beach, so no good deed goes unpunished by the Town itself. Being a permanent resident, I chose to moped to the event knowing parking would be at a premium and was instructed to “park under the bridge” in an effort to maximize the amount of parking available to those attending. I parked under the bridge in an unmarked area that only a moped or bicycle could fit. Not one “no parking” sign around.

Imagine my frustration to find a $50 parking ticket on my moped after a long hot afternoon of volunteering. I moved here from a big city that has its issues for sure, but the city itself and its employees do all they can to promote goodwill and tourism. We don’t have that here. It seems a minority here is trying valiantly to lift the Town while the majority would rather see it falter.

So my question is this….why do all the good things that happen on this Island have to be negated by the hand slaps that occur by those responsible for its public well-being.

Frustrated and $50 poorer.


G. Bryan Thomas
Fort Myers Beach