New & Ugly


his mysterious ad from “Citizens for Responsible Development” may be the sign of something new and ugly in our community. We have disagreed plenty in the past, but we were always out in the open about it. This ad was an attack on a public-minded citizen, Tracey Gore, who appears to wants nothing but what she perceives as good for her community. She is evidently willing to spend her own precious time and money toward that end, with no financial reward.

Now a mysterious, faceless entity (unless as of this writing someone has stepped forward to take responsibility for this ad) has spent money to portray her as some kind of priestess of decrepitude for our community. This smacks to me of the way the Klu Klux Klan used to strike whoever they wanted to get rid of – anonymously, in hoods and robes. This is really slimy, lowlife stuff.

Hopefully someone will identify themselves and stand behind what they said in the ad. If they choose to stay secretive, following the money trail is always a way to get a clue. Who had money to gain from this woman losing the election?


Bonnie McLaughlin

Fort Myers Beach