My wife and I began vacationing in FMB approximately 10 years ago. We have traveled extensively and when we discovered FMB, realized immediately that we found a place like no other we have ever been. Four years ago we retired and bought a condo on the beach. We quickly realized that when we were here we dreaded going “back north.” When we were “back north” we counted our days until we could return to FMB. Two months ago we sold our house “up north” and are now permanent residents of the beach. People ask us how we knew that this is the place for us. I quote them a line I read in a famous review guide, which said, “Nestled between the upscale Naples and the sedate Sanibel Island is a Jimmy Buffett kind of place called FMB. That is the type of island we know and love.

We went to the unveiling of the plan for the “New” FMB on December 14th. What we saw looks like the developers envision FMB as another Naples or Miami. That is not what my wife and I and I believe thousands of other residents and vacationers initially fell in love with or want for the future of FMB.

Michael Waltman

Fort Myers Beach