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Library Treasures
By Fort Myers Beach Library Staff

Big Sky: 5th in the Jackson Brodie Series (New Mystery Fiction  M  ATK). Thrilling, mysterious and suspenseful fiction in a quiet Yorkshire seaside village with a dark undercover edge. The underbelly of modern-day human trafficking exploitation is exposed in this novel by Kate Atkinson.

Radicalized (New Fiction – DOC). Author Cory Doctorow combined four novellas to create a collection of apocalyptic sci-fi odysseys inspired by our current-day classic fears and vulnerabilities. One of the short stories is a dystopian drama seen through the bird’s eye view of an American eagle taunted by supervillains.

Estela (New Adult Nonfiction COOKBOOKS MATTOS) is the cookbook inspired and named after an award-winning NYC restaurant. Uruguayan Chef, Ignacio Mattos offers a taste of the natural world just as his former employer, Alice Waters of Berkley’s Chez Panisse succeeded in creating. Estela, the restaurant and the book offers cooking with the focus on flavor and composing a vibrant plate.

American History: A Visual Encyclopedia (Juvenile Nonfiction J-US HISTORY KING) is a 2019 reference book written by David C. King and published by the Smithsonian Institution. This is an up-to-date version of the 2003 Children’s Encyclopedia of American History. 750 full-color illustrations, photographs, paintings, maps and charts on double-page spreads regarding North American antiquity and the history of the United States of America from 1000 to 1920.


Bridge of Clay (New Teen Fiction TEEN ZUS) is a novel about five orphaned brothers that are reintroduced to their father on his unexpected return to their wayward family home. Bridges metaphorical and actual are built throughout this endearing, heartfelt story.

Stealing Green Mangoes: Two Brothers, Two Fates, One Indian Childhood (New Adult Nonfiction – BIO DUTTA) is a double biography highlighting free will and life choices of two brothers. Both men are East Indian American immigrants of Rajasthan and Los Angeles, California. Author Sunil Dutta chooses the L.A. police force and Raju chooses terrorism and murder. Dutta’s comparative memoirs ask and answer the question; are you able to outgrow the madness that made you?

Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing as We Age (New Adult Nonfiction CULTURE PIPHER). Psychological identity and social aspects of elder adult women are examined by cultural psychologist Mary Bray Pipher. Her chapters address challenges, the body, caregiving, loneliness versus solitude, travel skills, intentional choice, building a good day, creating community, crafting resplendent narratives, anchoring in gratitude and more. Pipher is also the author of “Writing to Change the World.”

Let Love Have the Last Word: A Memoir (New Adult Nonfiction BIO COMMON)

was written by American Rap musician, actor, writer, philanthropist, and activist, Common (Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn) and edited by Mensah Demary.

Common believes in love’s powerful force as a statement of purpose and a daily promise. This memoir illustrates how your type of love determines your life experience. This book was written as a call to action for a new generation to create love-filled thought into action.


The Source of Self-Regard: Selected Essays, Speeches, and Meditations (New Adult Nonfiction ESSAYS MORRISON and New LP Nonfiction – 814.6 MOR) is a full bloom anthology by Toni Morrison of deep thought into literary powers. Topics include morality, advocacy and the language of God. The FMB Library has all thirteen of Toni Morison’s books.


The Art of Happy Moving: How to Declutter, Pack, and Start Over While Maintaining Your Sanity and Finding Happiness (New Adult Nonfiction HOMW WENZKE). Author Ali Wenzke reports that 35 million people move in the U.S. every year. This book takes the high road to plan for happiness and a positive viewpoint to one of life’s challenging experiences. The book starts with a self-check-in, to be sure your future city and move is the right one for you. Are you selling and buying a home? Learn some of the insider strategies. One of the biggest tips is to shed excess baggage, plan to start fresh with a lightened load. Another thoughtful strategy is for you and your loved ones to make plans for meeting new friends in your new hometown.

The World According To Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember (New Adult Nonfiction – PHILOSOPHY ETHICS ROGERS). Educator and humanitarian Fred Rogers discovered early on that his superpower was listening. His response to life’s rush-rush was to always focus on the stories of others. Fred identified with his favorite television show character, Daniel Striped Tiger, an unusually quiet tiger. I don’t growl anymore. I’m tame…I know right. I know wrong. I say thank you and please, and remember to cover my mouth when I sneeze. –Daniel S. Tiger

 The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal and the Quest for Earth’s Ultimate Trophy (New Adult Nonfiction NATURE DINOSAURS WILLIAMS). What could possibly go wrong when the fossilized bones of T. Rex’s cousin are found in the Nemegt Basin of the Gobi Desert of Mongolia? The true crime answer is lawsuits, specifically, The United States versus One Tyrannosaurus Bataar Skeleton. What does Florida have to do with deceased apex predators? New Yorker journalist Paige Williams introduces you to the high-stakes natural history commerce of Gainesville, Florida businessman Eric Prokopi, one-time owner and restorer of this hotly contested geological treasure.