Need to Chill


I am tired of the grand standing and personal attacks resulting from the TPI development. Statements claim that “everybody” or “90 percent” support the decision Town Council made for TPI. I can attest that not “everybody” agrees. There is no confirmation of the 90% number. I spoke against the agreement during the hearings. It was not because I did not want development, it was because I believe that the density given is not consistent with the Town’s Comprehensive and Land Development Code. I also believe that my Council representatives did what they felt was in the best interests for the Town and that it was legally defensible. The state no longer provides oversight of land use decisions. The only way to affirm any decision is with a legal challenge. I support the right of anyone with standing to challenge a land use decision. I expect the Town to vigorously defend its decision. Facts will be presented to a neutral body. A decision will be made. There is frustration in the development delay. However, it is important to know if mistakes were made. Everyone needs to chill. Whatever the result, Fort Myers Beach will be a better place, if respect for ones right to disagree is maintained.


Tom Babcock
Fort Myers Beach