Need Stability


Well said, letter by Joe Fleming. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? I’ve wondered myself.

Also, it is imperative to our national security that an un-vetted mentally unstable man never accedes to the Presidency again. His outrageous behavior along with his lack of insight into his conduct can only be prevented by Congress enacting laws to prevent this dangerous risk to our national security never happen again.

Two ways to prevent a re-occurrence is to ensure that every future presidential candidate release their tax returns to know absolutely the source of their income. The candidate must be vetted more thoroughly than any member of Congress or the cabinet. This is a significant oversight that allowed this serious situation to occur.

The second is to prevent the hijacking of an election by the obsolete Electoral College, which did not work when needed. It needs to be a percentage basis not winner take all. A bill to modify it has been introduced over 700 times.

It’s past time for Congress to take action. These measures need to be put into place before the next Presidential election. We need stability, not the chaos to a dysfunctional government.


Alice Mack
Fort Myers, Florida