Need Balanced Council


This letter is in response to Wendy Herrin’s comments under the title of “Vote Veach” in the March 5th Island Sandpaper. Her comments perfectly illustrate Mr. Rood’s concerns about voting an avid environmentalist to a council position. Having tunnel vision about not wanting a boardwalk on someone else’s property creates a comment of “Endangered Species be dammed; I want a boardwalk right through their habit.”

The assumption is a boardwalk endanger birds…..since when? Which of the 1,000+ dune walkovers up and down Florida’s coasts endanger birds? Dune walkovers are by design good for the environment. She misses the fact that this boardwalk directs neighbors of Grand Ole Man around the outside of the CWA. It also directs the subdivision neighbors away from walking through the graded sand, where the Snowy Plovers and Least Terns actually nest. Both Veach and Herrin missed the facts, as their blinders only say “no boardwalk.” Would one not expect the same decision making should Veach be nominated to Council? I do not disagree that we need environmentalists to keep a balance with nature during growth and development. I suggest keeping Bill Veach focused on bringing environmental issues to the council. There are better candidates for the council positions to deal with the day to day issues. Help keep Fort Myers Beach town leadership balanced.


Kurt Kroemer
Zionsville, IN