Mound House Volunteers Appreciated


This week, Museum Director Alison Giesen took time out of her busy schedule to thank the volunteers who help make the Mound House a beautiful, fun and informative destination for both residents and visitors.

“Volunteers serve a vital role and enhance the guest experience at the Mound House by sharing their knowledge and skills with visitors of all ages who have come to the Mound House this past year,” Alison said. “In fact, our wonderful volunteers provided 2,580 volunteer hours from October 2015 until now. Always cheerful and helpful, these dedicated volunteers continue to give of their time and energies, by becoming Mound House Members and showing their full support as the Mound House has evolved into a Museum with guided and self-guided tours, education programs, kayak tours, and special events.

“Since many of our volunteers leave during the summer months, staff has counted on volunteers who are year-round residents to continue volunteering during the hotter summer months and help us out with additional tasks as needed. They haven’t let us down!

“The Mound House volunteers have done an excellent job welcoming guests and bringing the history of the island’s unique archaeological site, the Calusa Indians and other residents to life. It is with our sincere appreciation that the Mound House staff would like to recognize and thank all our volunteers.”

Volunteers at the Mound House include:

Museum Docents: Gayle Crabtree-Pergoli, Susan Godfrey-Vignando, Miffie Greer, Susan and Bill Grace, Kelly Leary, Sue O’Brien, Jack Payette, Penny Sharpe, Ceel Spuhler, Ceel Spuhler Jr., Ellen Vaughan, Randa Veach, Catherine Wallace, Becky Werner, Marianne and Kim Worden

Kayak Eco-Tours: Geri Biggs, Lizanne Byrone, Emily Lewis, Donna Rizzo, Fred Rubino, Bill Veach

Mound House Shuttle: Lori Greissinger

Museum Greeter: Wendy Herron

Office Volunteers: Joyce Heckman, Mutzie Prasse

Museum Store: Barbara Hill

Garden Volunteer: Karen Maxwell

Marketing Volunteers: Terry Brennen

“Staff also wants to thank all of the Cultural and Environmental Learning Center Advisory Board Members (CELCAB) as well as the Friends of the Mound House and the Caloosa Wood Carvers! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the Mound House.”

Alison reminds everyone that more volunteers are needed as season approaches. Anyone with a passion for educating and helping others is asked to contact Penny Jarrett, Mound House Education Coordinator at 239- 765-0020 x1903 or


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