More Postcard Lies


The Legal Fight to Stop Margaritaville…does NOT appear to have new life, as stated in the most recent mailing of a post card to Islanders hinting there is “information developers don’t want you to know.” It is the same individual taking the same issue to yet another Appeals Court. Granted, I may feel the same if my property was almost 1/2 mile from the new Resort Hotel, but then growth and improvement is not possible without change.

Reading the most recent mailing, however, the real issue sounds to me like it is all about projecting future traffic, congestion and parking…not at all about the new hotel and resort. Every Season we deal with these same issues including scarcity of Public Accommodation. In my opinion, it is short sighted to continue to attempt to delay such an Island improvement while at the same time we all suffer the inconvenience of new storm drains, power poles, improved roadways and installation of fiber optics to bring us all 5G service. Welcome to 2020. Have a Margarita and chill.


Robert Miller
Fort Myers Beach