Monofilament Madness


The annual event devoted to removing fishing line and litter from the mangrove areas of the back bay was held last Saturday, November 2 – Monofilament Madness. Named after the thousands of yards of fishing line left behind by anglers each year, the event is sponsored locally by Keep Lee County Beautiful and the Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation. Fishing line or monofilament, gets caught on trees and mangroves when they cast into the shallows near the mangroves, and is cut and abandoned by many anglers when it becomes tangled in the trees. Abandoned monofilament line then cripples and kills dozens of birds in the back bay when they become caught in the line and can’t escape. On Saturday, dozens of volunteers with kayaks, paddle boards and boats, came out to help remove that line and other debris from the back bay.

The Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation is committed to improving the lives of those on the island and in the surrounding areas. Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month from October – May. Visitors are welcome to attend and can obtain more information on their website at