Misuse of ROW


The Fort Myers Beach Town Council is about to accommodate the Red Coconut’s desire to lease 31 parking sites along Donora Boulevard’s right-of-way. The RV park’s website touts of having 150 spot within their huge facility. Think of that for a moment…150 sites. Apparently they have shoe-horned as many clients into their property as possible. Now they want to spill out over their boundaries and into our public street’s right-of-way.

The view of the RV park from Donora, by any standard, is the most unattractive sight on the island. As a resident of this island, I don’t want this public street’s right-of-way used for this purpose. I suggest the Red Coconut solve their parking issues inside their abundant piece of real estate.

We have a unique opportunity to enhance this stretch of Donora by creating a landscaped barrier to both hide the visual chaos and create a pleasant entrance into the Donora Boulevard’s neighborhood. This is the real value of this uninterrupted right-of-way. However, I just know that the Red Coconut will get its way, and I’m curious as to what our fees will be for these leases. For me, this lost opportunity to enhance our public space will not be comforted by any amount of revenue that these leases will produce.

Donald J Shanosky
Fort Myers Beach