Merry Christmas!


As we approach Christmas and the end of the year, we’d like to thank our readers for their loyalty, their participation and their interest in local news. The Island Sand Paper is a community newspaper. Without the support of our community we would not exist. Residents of our community want to know what’s happening right here, just down the street. And they want the details from a trusted source.

We are grateful for the expectations of our readers. They want the facts. What happened? Who said what? When is it happening? Opinions are great and often entertaining, but they don’t belong in a news story. They belong on the Editorial, Guest Commentary or Letters pages. Our readers know all about opinions. Everyone has one. But it shouldn’t skew the news. We agree.

We are grateful for our advertisers. They truly bring you the news. As a free paper, all our expenses – paper, printing, office, staff, delivery, etc – are covered by the advertising that we sell. Those who advertise with us do so because they know the Island Sand Paper has a strong, loyal readership that will see their ad. Our readers can help us thank those advertisers by letting them know that you saw their ad in the Sand Paper!

We are grateful for the community that surrounds us. We see the concern that drives our Island’s amazing volunteers to help our community service organizations. We see the generosity that leads our businesses to donate to non-profit events that raise funds for our community’s needs. Pay attention at events you attend this season. Notice which businesses have donated gift cards and support them, even if you don’t win the raffle.

Here in Fort Myers Beach, we think we all have a lot of be grateful for and there’s not a better time of year to ponder that than the holiday season.

We hope our readers, our advertisers and our entire community enjoy a wonderful holiday season!

Savor the memories of past holidays, make some new ones. Spend time with those who bring meaning to your life. Tell them how important they are. Share what you can with those who need it, whether it’s a bag of food or an hour of conversation or a kind word while you hold the door for them.

There’s plenty of dark in the world. Be the light. Choose to focus on the light.

May this season bring you and yours joy and peace.