Mayor Responds to FMB Businesses


At last week’s public town hall meeting organized by Al Durrett and Bud Nocera, I promised I would get back to you within a week to let you know what steps had been taken to make doing business on Fort Myers Beach easier during the road construction. I am happy to report progress has been made. The credit for this goes to Commissioner Larry Kiker. He went to bat for us and the results show he was indeed listening. Here are the changes that will be taking place:

  • All road paving will be done at night;
  • By March 1 all concrete sidewalks will be completed to at least the Lani Kai parking lots and temporary asphalt laid where construction continues. Construction barriers will come down and road work will essentially be completed from there back to Crescent Street;
  • No mobile construction machinery will be parked in front of businesses after hours;
  • Drums and cones in the immediate construction zone will be removed and replaced by the solid narrow barriers you have seen on site;
  • There will be more flaggers to direct traffic and they will be uniformly dressed in bright green shirts;
  • Cross walks in the construction zone will be lit at night for pedestrians;
  • The construction zone will be kept cleaner;
  • The county continues to review options on doing the Phase II at night; and
  • Last night the Town Council voted to allow garbage trucks to make their rounds in the construction zone beginning at 4:00 a.m., thus lessening construction delays from conflicts with construction equipment.

Also of note, at the TDC meeting I spoke about the necessity of immediate funding necessary in order to combat the negative PR attached to the beach and the county on water issues. They have released 125k and are starting an immediate digital campaign to promote the area.

Again, I want to publicly thank Commissioner Kiker for his efforts to get these changes to the construction project made. I also want to thank the Town Council for their cooperation in allowing the change in garbage pickup time. It is my hope that with these changes all of us in business on this island can finish the season very successfully.


Anita Cereceda


Town of Fort Myers Beach